Kobe Bryant is not a happy man

by Scott

Before the Lakers stepped onto the court to play against the Memphis Grizzlies yesterday, Dwight Howard talked to the media about how this game was the start of their season and how he needed to be more aggressive. Well, nothing actually changed, as the Lakers lost their fourth consecutive game and Dwight Howard had two points and two rebounds in just 14 minutes of action after aggravating his shoulder injury.

Luckily for them, Kobe put up 29 points (11-23 FG), otherwise they would’ve been blown out by 25+ points. But after the game, the Black Mamba was not a happy man, as he gave short answers to the media’s questions and look extremely frustrated. If I was the Lakers coach or GM, I’d be worried. As I am not either of those, I can sit back and enjoy watching how this all pans out.

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