James Harden has already began the recruiting process

by Scott

Right now, the Rockets are holding onto the sixth seed in the Western Conference and a big reason for that is James Harden. Wait, let me change that. THE reason for that is James Harden. Without him, the Rockets would be down 23.6 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game. That’s quite a lot. And whilst I don’t expect the Rockets to hold onto that seed for the rest of the season (first seed anyone?), it’s a promising sign for the future of the franchise. Something else that is promising: James Harden has already started the recruiting process.

As a top player now do you recruit players to come play in Houston with you?

“Of course. I’ve been starting that recruiting process. One player is not going to win a championship. Nowadays you need two or maybe more. I’ve definitely started the recruiting process. We need more guys to come over here, so we can win. For right now we are going to stick with the players we have and try to run with that.”

There are a lot of intriguing free agents hitting the market this off-season, but the Rockets are pretty set at most positions. As much as Jeremy Lin is struggling right now, I do believe that he’ll put it all together sometime between now and next season. We all know what James Harden can do. Chandler Parsons is improving every game and the only way he won’t be starting for the Rockets next season is if he gets traded. And Omer Asik? Well, he’s an all-star in the making in my mind. That just leaves Patrick Patterson and the bench. As much as I like Patterson, he is the only one in the starting five who is expendable right now. And as far as the bench goes…well…there is much to be desired there.

So from my perspective, the Rockets should target the likes of Josh Smith and Paul Millsap. Obviously if they have a chance at getting Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, they should pounce on it like a tiger, but I don’t see that happening.

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