DeAndre Jordan held a superhero-themed costume party and Blake Griffin was invited

by Scott

DeAndre Jordan held his second annual costume party over the weekend, and, as you can imagine, he went all out.

The Transformation

The Transformation

The End Result

Superhero DJ

For all you who non-Marvel fanatics, DeAndre is dressed up as Captain Planet. But the difference is, Captain Universe wasn’t a 6-foot-11, 265 pound, athletic, shot-blocking sensation.

It would’ve been cooler if he was.

But who has a party without some friends? (Especially when you’re a multi-millionaire NBA player). So go ahead and welcome some of DeAndre’s Captain Universe’s buddies: Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, Iron Man, a Power Ranger and two other superhero’s I’m not sure are actually superhero’s:

The Gang

And, since every superhero has their enemies, here is Blake Griffin dressed up as Bane:
Hey Bai...Blake

Ryan Gomes/Captain America was also there to save the day:

gotgomes’s video on Instagram

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Update (via @HPbasketball)

Shut down the competition, because Matt Barnes won the “best dressed” award thanks to his “Blank Man” costume:

Matt Barnes

Anyone else think DeAndre should host this party during All-Star Weekend?

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