About Us

Crabdribbles is the brainchild of two brothers (Josh and Scott), formed out of a shared antipathy for most basketball analysis. So after years of belittling each other both on and off the court, we’ve decided to try our hand at actually writing about the sport we love.

In short, basketball is all we know. We sweat the little things, like player PER ratings, Nick Collison’s +/-, Kevin Love’s historic rebounding stats, James Harden’s beard, and, yes, LeBron’s hairline. One of us is an impassioned Tracy McGrady fan, and the other spends an inordinate amount of time telling everyone why Dwight Howard, Joe Johnson, and Carmelo Anthony are overrated.

Anyway, we developed Crabdribbles after spending all these years whittling away the time looking for NBA related news, rumours, articles and videos. This usually means visiting lots of websites in a time-consuming attempt to find what you’re looking for: namely up-to-date info and thoroughly biased basketball analysis. For those of you out there who undertake a similar process every day, we’re hoping that Crabdribbles can be a sanctuary for your daily basketball fix. As well as collating all the most important day-to-day news, we’ll be providing our own analysis on some of the hottest topics during the NBA season.

We’d also like to offer people an opportunity to post their own views (provided they’re semi-constructive), so get in touch if you’d like us to put an article up on the site. Stick and stay with us, and feel free to give us any feedback to make the Crabdribbles experience as good as it can be.